Team | ADAM


Adam has experience in a wide range of architectural projects, from high-rise residential design to small-scale interior renovations. Adam is specifically interested in exploring the relationship between algorithmic design and structural analysis in order to achieve elegant architectural expression. He specializes in design visualization and believes it plays an important role in the design process, continually searching for new ways to communicate ideas effectively.

While Adam is waiting for renderings to finish, he's most likely on the golf course snap-hooking his driver; or during the winter months you can find him getting not-so-big air on the slopes. He also enjoys creating artwork--anything from quick sketches to abstract watercolor paintings--along with honing his graphic design skills. He is strictly unavailable on Saturday afternoons during the fall...that's football time.


Design Director for architectural projects, also facilitates future development forecasting through algorithmic analytics.

Designed high-rise residential projects in Chicago and Houston, also designed a parametirc facade system for a new dormitory at Arizona State University. While at SCB, Adam developed an algorithmic studio within the firm specializing in solving parametric problems in architecture.

Specialized in parametric modeling/design and structural form-finding. Helped design a single-side supported suspension cable bridge, which you can see HERE

Served as the Creative Director for a non-profit organization in Tampa, FL.


Master of Architecture
Computer Graphics - Construction Graphics


Awarded by the American Institute of Architects to the top-ranking graduate student

One of three thesis projects recognized for excellence by a panel of professors at Illinois Institute of Technology

Nominated for two projects: Haiti Sustainable Education Master Plan, Ability Center for Paralympic Development

Nominated for two projects: Columbia College Dance Center, Sleep Research Institute


Designed the louvered facade system for the future student housing building at ASU.

Worked alongside Devon Patterson of SCB to submit a proposal for what was formely the site for "The Spire" in Chicago, IL

Design/Build project done while at Illinois Institute of Technology was featured in the Journal of Architecture Education

Helped design and structurally solve a new pedestrian bridge slated for Dublin, Ohio.